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Adidas launched a light racing shoe

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KITH and Naked are up next for the adidas Consortium Sneaker Exchange, adidas superstar 80s mensdelivering two colorways of the City Sock 2 (CS2) as part of their “Transatlantic Project”. Both KITH and Naked have delivered insanely sweet adidas collaborations on their own (the former bringing the Aspen-themed Ultra Boost Mid and the latter bringing the cool light-green tones to the Ultra Boost), so the expectations are rather high for the NY and Copenhagen-based sneaker boutiques.This also marks the debut of the City Sock 2, the sequel to the popular mid-cut form-fitting shoe with the adidas NMD base. The City Sock 2 features a kimono-style upper that wraps around the foot and ducks down below the ankle for a better fit. The KITH x Naked x adidas CS2 is set to release on March 4th exclusively at both retailers, with a global Consortium release confirmed for March 11th.

With its announcement today of a new lightweight marathon racing shoe,adidas superstar 80s lovers Adidas has stated its intention to join Nike in the race to become the first to break the two-hour barrier in the marathon.Named the Adidas Adizero Sub2, the shoe will make its first appearance in competition at Sunday’s Tokyo Marathon. Wilson Kipsang, former world record holder when he ran 2:03:23 to win the 2013 Berlin Marathon (in an early version of the Adizero Adios that didn’t have a Boost midsole), will be wearing “the only pair of Adidas Adizero Sub2 shoes in existence, in an exclusive Energy Blue colorway,” Adidas said in a press release.

Updated March 14th, 2017: The latest adidas NMD R1 “Triple Black” releases with ribbed construction on Thursday,adidas superstar mens March 16th, 2017 for $140 at Foot Locker. The “Triple Black” continues to be a hit for adidas’ Boost-laden models like the adidas NMD. While an all-black version has already released with a basic mesh upper, this brand new version with a ribbed, corduroy-like upper has just appeared in stores without notice. Do you prefer the ribbed texture on the lightweight upper, or do you prefer the airy mesh or even the higher-end Primeknit? Peep a closer look below and get your pair now at Stadium Goods or eBay.

The shoes are made with an ultra-strong,adidas superstar womens lightweight material called Biosteel, produced by biotech company AMSilk. The material, which forms the shoe's upper, is created using the same proteins that spiders use to make their silk.Adidas unveiled the shoes at the Biofabricate fabrics conference in late 2016, and plans to start selling them by early 2018.When the shoes finally roll out, owners will be able to dissolve them (minus the soles) in their sink. All they will need to do is add a small packet of a special enzyme to the uppers, wait 36 hours, and wash the remains down the drain.

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