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Adidas leading the fashion

Létrehozva: 2017. november 14. Létrehozta: mazjli01 Kategória: HL 0 hozzászólás

Adidas leading the fashion

Adidas adidas originals shoes Originals are returning to one of the brand’s signature basketball/streetwear lines of sneakers with some intriguing new faces. Rather than a more athlete-centric campaign, Adidas adidas shoes sale has tapped 21 Savage, Playboi Carti, and Young Thug as the new faces of its Crazy line, along with some updated designs for a more comfort-focused sneaker culture.

To promote the new line, Adidas nike shoes online is turning to some of the most recognizable new faces in hip-hop instead of NBA players, presumably to highlight the shoes’new balance sale new street-ready, comfort-oriented designs. While the Crazy ADV and Crazy 8 ADV are built on basketball silhouettes, the popularity of the “athleisure” aesthetic has opened up new avenues for formerly sporty styles to crossover to everyday wear. Who better to underline the “cool” factor of the updated designs than the de facto arbiters of cool in a now-hip-hop-centric world than some of the rappers who push the boundaries of the genre and fashion? nike shoes online The three rappers are known for their outrageous and distinctive styles in both their rap and sartorial sensibilities — especially Young Thug, who regularly throws the internet for a loop with his individualistic expression and risk-taking.

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